Paul Johnson live at Balance

Event promoters : Auburn Events and Balance
Event: Balance





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Born on Chicago’s south side January 11, 1971, Paul’s career started back in ’83 when he was dancing with his breaking crew, E.I.O.U. Freeze and knew nothing about DJing. Developing his DJ skills in the next two years, he came back in ’85, when he started to have parties where he would battel other Djs by playing their records and getting the beats ON.

Paul’s cousin, DJ Pharris Thomas, Lil’ Louis, Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley and Farley Keith (Jackmaster Funk) were his biggest influences. He sees his music as not going in any specific direction; “Like an Octagon – I’m wild” he states. He sees house music as starting to get noticed, as it should, the Grammy’s being a prime example.

His talents include dabbling in the bass guitar and can even sing a few notes. He has worked with producer stacy Kidd on many projects on labels such as Dance Mania and his own A&R label project, Dust Traxx. He’d like to thank everyone who ever made a house record, he loves you all and he only does this because of the love.




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