Kev Jones

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DJ_Name : DJ Kev Jones

Country : UK

Title_of_mix : House Of Soul

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Me and only me,
Hailing from the UK, became a DJ way back in the day '87 @ the dawning of the House Music scene.


Over the years I've played at some of the biggest clubs in Kent, Buckinghamshire and Lanzarote.

Had my own nights, D-Lish, Begin Early, D.I.S.C.O. Inferno to mention a couple these were mainly Commercial House and Party Groove nights.


I stepped away from DJing in 2000, 9 years later I returned from the wilderness of DJ retirement to rock the world in my own creative fashion!!!!


By launching my nights at The Bank Bar - Folkestone with All Killa! No Filla! Which was a massive successs.


I also launched Dephective Soul in 2010 to concentrate on my love of Soulful House Grooves, with my own night Dephective Soul Sessions at Bar Vasa Sandgate, Kent.

2011 is here so look out for me at a venue near you..............

Kev Jones


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